Friday, July 10, 2009


So a few weeks ago I mentioned that we were going to buy a new couch. I found the most perfect couch at Ikea while we were still in the "looking stage". It was a turquoise sectional that had clean lines and a solid back. I had been searching for a couch that did NOT have a pillow back for months. Finally my search was over. 2 weeks later I returned to buy my coveted turquoise couch. To my dismay they are no longer carrying the turquoise couch. However they did have it left in 2 colors, a beige-ish off white color which I was pretty fond of and a grey color that I was not so fond of. As we were weighing our options I began to think of how tired I was of looking for a couch and how much I just wanted to be done and have a new piece of furniture. Initially I wanted the beige couch which I though was pretty and neutral, which meant it would be easy to accessories. However after 20 minute of Jason telling me how dirty a white couch would get I must have had an aneurysm and agreed to get the grey couch. Looking back I should have put my foot down and gotten the beige couch. So for now I am stuck with this grey sectional (that is until I go back to Ikea and buy the beige cover). I love the couch and the lines but I don't feel like it fits where I have it in my room. Maybe its because I am so used to the old set up or the fact that ALL of my art work and other furniture is exactly where it was before I moved the room around, but in any case Im not loving the set-up. So thats where complete strangers come in. HELP! What do you think I could move or fix?? My living room has exactly 4 doors and 1 window and only 4 walls. Thats right a window or door on EVERY WALL. Don't believe me? See for yourself...

Warning: I should be embarrassed to show the pictures of my messy living room with random objects strewn about. But at this point I just want a beautiful living room courtesy of your lovely comments!

As you can see I have our entry door and one window on one wall and the door leading to our bedroom (which is always closed except for this one instance) on another wall.

Same walls different view. As you can see Paco and Heidi have embraced the new couch.

This is the view from the entry. Thats my dining room through the archway and my kitchen through the door next to the archway. Another problem my poor confused living room faces is this gigantic TV. Is it sad that we have a huge TV but just canceled TV? I think so. In my defense though this TV was bought BD- Before Dawn, as in when Jason was single and had nothing better to buy than unnecessarily large TV's.

So there you have it. Any suggestions short of a gutting the place and plastering over doors would be greatly appreciated!!


  1. Hello, I found you via Amber. The old couch on its end.... could you put the TV there and the new couch where the TV is? Do you play your WII often? Could you


    Put the mirror on the wall where the old couch is, along with the table. (I like that set together) Put the new couch, on an angle by the AC Window and put the TV on the corner where the couch is now. If you could, put your A/C unit in the top part of the window, it is on the bottom now. the little round table that your lap top is on, could fit behind the couch with the lamp that is on the floor on it. Your dog toys could go in the corner by the door to the right of the mirror/table. Flip your rug horizontal.

  2. p.s. sorry I didn't finish my first thought, but I liked the 2nd way I ended up going. I also like the grey, the cream would have been too blah and sorry, I have a dog and a cat and a child and it really would have been dirty looking quickly - especially since you let your pets on the furniture. I know your pets are clean, but they do get dirty (mine rolls in the grass and snow) and natural oils on them. It would have shown up on your new couch quickly. I know what you mean about the couch with the cushions for the backing.... love this one! Good choice!!!