Sunday, November 15, 2009

Drag Queen Bingo

It's official I am a terrible blogger. I go days on end without blogging, don't take pictures as promised, and I have nothing of interest to blog about. But in my defense I have been somewhat busy lately! This weekend Jason and I went to a bingo that supports the gay and lesbian community center in Pittsburgh. One of my co-worker invited me to go with him, as he is gay and very active with the gay and lesbian community center. It was SO fun! Even Jason had an awesome time which surprised him! He thought it was going to be akward or not fun for him but he said he loved it and hopefully we will be going again in January. We also ate at this Chinese dumpling house before the bingo which was SOOO good, I got general tso's tofu which I have never had before and Jason got, what else, sushi. That kid could live off of sushi. I ate a couple of his tuna rolls. I am a vegetarian and I try not to eat fish but sushi is my vice! Its the only time I eat fish. I wish I could not eat it because I feel guilty but it's just so good and I guess I don't have the same level of guilt about it as I do meat like chicken and pork. This weekend was amazing and I can't wait for next week and then Thanksgiving. I am volunteering to deliver thanksgiving meals to the elderly on Thanksgiving through where I work. I am excited to do it and so happy to help out. I have so much and have been so fortunate in my life its the least I can do to help those who don't have family to eat with on Thanksgiving. Well I am off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday. I promise to be a better blogger this week!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Birthdays and Cheesecakes

Tomorrow is Jasons Birthday and I have a ton of very un-frugal things planned. When it comes to myself and things that I buy for our household I am generally pretty cheap and I always looks for the absolute best deal. But when it comes to people I love and celebrating birthdays and Christmas I tend to go all out and buy what I think they will love and make them happy!

So for dinner tomorrow we are going to Jason’s parents so his mom can make him some disgusting liver and rice dish which makes me want to vomit but also happens to be Jason’s favorite food. But to accompany the most disgusting meal ever I will be making several delicious and vegetarian side dishes! The first thing I will be making is Brie stuffed mushrooms from The Pioneer Woman Jason loves Brie and he LOVES stuffed mushrooms. Therefore it is my conclusion that Jason will love brie stuffed mushrooms! I am also making a squash gratin, which is not a favorite of Jason’s but he likes it and it will provide me with something to eat since there is a 100% chance that I will not be eating liver and rice. Last but not least in lieu of birthday cake I am making a cheesecake, from scratch, that needs to be baked!! I’m terrified. I have read no less than 100 cheesecake recipes, all of which call for different techniques, ingredients, and ways of cooking. I haven’t decided which recipe to use so I bought the ingredients for all the recipes, OCD much? If all else fails at least I have Giant Eagle right down the street which will provide me with a delicious cheesecake that will then be put on a fancy plate and be called homemade. Stay tuned for pictures and recipes tomorrow!