Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Playing Hooky

Today I woke up and it was POURING down rain. Not a good way to start the day, especially since I had a cute pink LINEN wrap dress planned for today. Linen plus rain equal no good. So I started getting ready and was just not feeling like going to work. Which is a usual feeling. But today I just couldn't get in the mood. I have been with my company for about a year and have only taken 1 sick day. So today I mustered up all of my courage and sick voice and called in sick. First on emy sick day agenda was to go back to bed and sleep. So far that has been my day. But I do have big plans for today. I am going to wash my kitchen floors, clean the carpets (by the way does anybody have any carpet cleaner recipes or tips??), organize my dinning room which is FULL of papers to be filed, and take my sewing machine to the shop to be fixed. Its a tall order but I think I can get it all done. I especially want to have the house clean because my parents are bringing over their dog to stay for 10 days. She is old and I love her but I am just imagining the things that 3 dogs can get into. I feel like if its clean to begin with it will be easier to maintain and see what the dogs are destoying along the way! JAson took the camera to San Digeo but hoepfully I can get my old one to work so I can snap some cute pictures of the three playing (well Molly and Paco will be playing, Heidi cannot be bothered with sort of playing).

Paco has loved Molly (my parents dog) since the day they met. Paco is usually very timid around other dogs and growls a little but not Molly. Every time I go see my parents Paco runs to the door and looks for his Molly and when he finds her he licks her right on the nose. Its the cutest thing ever, especially because molly is literally twice his size!

This picture is from my cabin a few months ago. Molly refuses to look at a camera when you try and take her picture! We'll work on that this week!

Any suggestions for the carpet would be great!I have beige carpet and it gets SO dingy from day to day walking on it. I usually get it cleaned twice a year but I want to try something myself (and be cheap!) and see if it works. Has anybody tried the woolite high traffic area wand thingy?

Well I am off to accomplish my list of things to do. Have a happy Wednesday!

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