Monday, June 15, 2009

Complicated math solutions!

So I've been on this frugal kick for awhile now. Growing our own vegetable in the garden, finding some sweet clothes at goodwill, canceling cable, you get the idea. However what I never really posted about was why I do it. On most blogs you read about women who have a dozen or so kids and need to save money for barbie birthday parties and new school clothes. In my case I save money so I can spend it on stuff I love. Stuff I love does not include barbie birthday parties. Fuck barbie and her size negative 4 waist. Things I love are sushi, awesome furniture, hammocks, vintage jewelry, traveling, massages, and clothes. As it turns out, if you are cheap about buying things that you don't love then you can spend more money on thing you do love. I devised this complicated math solution which thoroughly explains my theory. If I have 200 dollars to spend on groceries and I only spend $25 then I am left with $175 to spend on really cool stuff! Here it is laid out for you..

$200- $25= $175 to buy some sweet shit!

Also, since I plan on having kids never I have no reason to plan ahead and "make a little nest egg" I poached that egg long ago and had a ridiculously fun time doing it! Bottles of gin and high heel's don't wake you up at 3am crying. Unless said bottle of gin is consumed by ex boyfriend, in which case said situation is possible, and likely. But I digress, money is so trivial and if I had a ton of it I would pay off all of my bills, buy some expensive laundry detergent, AND a new outfit. However, I am a social worker and have no hope of making millions. So instead, I pay my bills, make my own laundry detergent, AND buy a new outfit.

I hope this post clears up any misconceptions of me ever wanting children, being frugal in order to better myself or the environment, or enjoying budgeting my life. I am selfish, love to shop, wish I had ton of money to blow, and want exactly 0 kids.
I hope everyone is having a great Monday (if there is such a thing).

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  1. you are good at math! :) and a fabulous financial future you shall have.

    ps hello! and your dogs are kayooote!