Thursday, March 26, 2009

Commitment Issues

So I have basically not blogged for about 2 months. I really need to work on my comitment issues. But as you can see from these photo's I've been busy...

Cuddling with Heidi

Recovering this chair... ugh if only I had a before picture of the nasty fabric, think wet beige dog.

Taking walks with Paco!

And making the best ever vegan cauliflower soup!

(it doesn't have a recipe but basically I boiled cauliflower, onion, and a turnip in vegetable stock until it was a very soft then blended it in a blender. Then I added it back to the pot and added a little more vegetable stock to thin it out.. It was AMAZING!

So my new resolve it to try and post something every day! I have also decided to go on a hard core saving spree. Similar to my old spending spree's except instead of getting things in exchange for money I will be getting money and then getting more money and then eventually I hope to get this...

And then turn it into something like this...

And then rent it out in order to make a profit... and never have to work again!

Dream big, it's free!