Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dear San Diego, I hate you.

This is Jason.

This is Jason, wearing my glasses and pretending he is me. He looks much better in my glasses than I do.

This is Jason acting surprised that he saw a deer, in Potter county Pennsylvania, Deer Capital of the world.

Jason just left for San Diego on Monday. He will be there for a month. 1 Month. Otherwise known as FOREVER. I miss him more than I have ever missed anything or anyone in my whole life. I miss him more than I miss Ben and Jerry's lemon swirl ice cream which is sadly no longer made.

In other news, Paco is mourning the loss of a fellow chihuahua. Gidget, the Taco Bell dog died today. Paco is in mourning.

Or maybe he just fell asleep sitting up again. Its hard to tell with chihuahua's. I was concerned after hearing the fateful news about Gidget. Paco is almost 11 and not in the best shape, as can be seen by his little budha belly in the picture above. So after dinner I took him and Heidi for a walk. They seemed to like it except for the humidity part. Apparently 300% humidity can even cramp a chihuahua's syle. So after 5 blocks and 2 dogs breathing like they were doing phase 2 of the 30 day shred we returned home. It was a good time and hopefully it will add at least 3 days to Paco's extraordinary little life.

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