Friday, June 12, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I have been pretty busy these past few days but now that the weekend is here I intend to reeelax! As promised I took some pics of the garden...

Most of the plants my dad started from seed, which was a big help for us! We only spent around 30 dollars for all the plants. 

Our hot pepper plants already have peppers! 

Our tomato plants have flowers on them!

I can't wait until we have tons of fresh produce from our garden and don't have to buy any! I feel like I am finally getting our grocery budget under control. Tonight I went to Aldi's and spent 25 dollars which should last us through the week with the exception of buying a bulk bag of popcorn kernels tomorrow and possibly some sour cream (which aldi's for some reason doesn't sell)

Heidi had a burst of energy the other night while we were watering the garden. Sometimes it is hard to believe she is almost 10 years old. She does good for an old girl!

Tomorrow we are off to Ikea to buy a couch. Im sure it will be a fun trip. Ikea is hands down my favorite store in the world. If I had 3 wished it would be to end hunger, create world peace, and have a shopping spree at Ikea. Ahh in a perfect world...

Have a good weekend!

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