Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The perfect lunch

Today was a yucky rainy day outside. However I did manage to venture out with a co-worker for lunch. It was the most perfect lunch ever courtesy of Whole Foods and Starbucks.

The perfect vegetable roll. Carrots, avocado, cucumber, bliss.

And what beverage pairs best with sushi? Well a venti white chocolate mocha with soy of course.

And of course I haven't taken any pictures of the garden. One day. One day. But until then I will keep you in suspence. Due to the yucky weather and sleep deprevation I don't see today being the day that garden pictures are going to happen. Paco the sweet little, calm chihuahua that he is has been terrified of the severe storms we have been having at night so me being the softy that I am has let him sleep in bed instead of his crate. By sleep in bed I mean pace all night, shake, and lick my face. Hopefully tonight it will not storm and I will have my sweet, calm, chihuahua who loves to sleep through the night back.

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