Monday, June 8, 2009

The loves of my life

It seems like all I've posted about lately has been food. So I thought today I would switch it up and tell you about the 2 loves of my life.

I got Paco and Heidi at the end of my Junior year in college. I decided that I wanted to live off campus and a friend and I found a duplex not far from school that had a huge fenced in yard. I have always loved animals and have always owned animals. Growing up I begged my parents for a dog and finally my grandma (who always spoiled me rotten) brought home my first dog, Molly. Molly is a daschund and she is the sweetest and smartest dog I know. She was my first experience with dachshunds and ever since I have loved the breed.
One day right before I moved off campus I was looking around at different dachshund rescue in the area and stumbled across the Dachshund Rescue of North America. I had some free time so I submitted an application with all of my info and stating that I was interested in adopting a dog. To my surprise I received a call a few days later explaining the process of adoption. A week later someone came out to complete a home visit and the next day I got several photos of availible dogs from a lady who fostered dachshunds in my area. I remember getting a few photos of younger dogs who were cute but for some reason they just didnt click. About a week later I got a picture from Paco and Heidi's foster mom and their story.

Paco and Heidi had been rescued from abuse in Alabama and had made their way to a humane society. However they were at a kill shelter. When pure bred dogs are taken to a kill shelter the shelter calls around to rescues of the coresponding breed so that the dogs can be saved. The DRNA agreed to take them but the only foster home that had room was all the way in Pennsylvania. A series of volunteers drove Paco and Heidi as many miles as they could to the next volunteer who would meet them and continue their journey to Pennsylvania.

The second I saw their picture I emailed Paco and Heidi's foster mom back and said that I would be there the next day to get them. It was the last day of classes for my junior year and I left immediately from school with a friend. It took us about 2 hours to get to their foster mom house. As soon as they saw us they ran and jumped into our laps. I knew at that second I was going to love these dogs more than any one person should and I was right. I have had them for 2 years and they amaze me and make me love them more every day.

I may be somewhat biased but is this not the cutest dog you have ever seen?

Before Paco I had never even been near a chihuahua. I had the misconception that all chihuahuas are mean and yippy. Paco loves everybody. When somebody new comes to the house Paco is their best friend. He is just a calm low key dog.

Heidi is also very calm. She does like to bark and run around the yard but for the most part she just lays around the house and waits for food to fall on the floor so she can devour it. Im convinced that Heidi would eat her body weight in food if I let her. I think its more of a mental thing since she was abused and so skinny when I got her. She always eats like it will be her last meal.
If you're thinking about getting a dog Petfinder is a great site to find any type of dog and they are all from rescues and shelters. If you are thinking about getting a Dachshund the DRNA has an awesome site and was such a pleasure to adopt from.

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