Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year

The new year began with some good old fashioned fun- ice skating! For 2 years now I have been asking Jason to go ice skating and finally after much pleading and pouting he agreed! We went skating at the PPG rink in downtown Pittsburgh. It was beautiful and cold and everything I have been waiting 2 years for (and by the way Jason loved it)! So in the spirit of doing things out of the ordinary I have decided to make New Year's resolutions. I generally don't make resolutions because its so cliche and you're just setting yourself up for failure. But this year I am taking the plunge. So my New Years resolutions are as follows:
1. Loose 20 pounds
2. Be more organized! At work, at home, everywhere!
3. Support my local humane society more, with donations and volunteering
4. Speak more kindly of others
5. Set aside 2 days a month to spend time with my grandmother
Not so lofty goals I know, but these are things that I have been putting off and not making time to accomplish. But 2009 will be the year!

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