Monday, January 26, 2009

My latest obsession

Damask! I can't stop thinking about it! I love it! I want to wallpaper every room in my house in it, reupholster every piece of furniture I have in it, throw out all of my clothes and make an entire wardrobe out of damask fabric! Okay, maybe that last one was a little outrageous. But it seems like every couple months I find a fabric or color pallete that I love and want to do my whole house in. When we moved to our apartment it was toile. But as I began decorating and painting toile fell by the wayside and I ended up not using it in any room. If you asked me today if I liked toile I would say "eh" if you asked me 6 month ago if I liked toile I would have said "Like toile? I love toile!" So my new obsession is damask. I have been meaning to do something with my bedroom since we moved in but it just seems like the lowest room on the priority list. Its not a room that is usually seen my company and we are really only in there to sleep. But with my upcoming birthday and an influx or cash I have decided that now is the perfect time. So I have been searching the web and have finally came up with some ideas. I already have brown curtains that I will be using until I die because they were somewhat pricey and I also have a brown hotel collection quit and pillow set. So instead of throwing them in the linen closet and getting ALL new stuff I have decided to use them along with a few new pieces to make a different look. Here is my inspiration room...

Alot about this room already reminded me of my own room. I have brown curtains, neutral walls, beige carpet, four post bed, etc etc. But then when I saw the damask pillow it was love! So I will basically be stealing this exact bedding idea except I will be folding my quilted coverlet down and putting it at the end of the bed.

My birthday is still a month away though so I have time to look at the damask and either fall more in love with it or fall completely out of love with it (as in the case of the toile). But the nice thing is that its not going to be a huge investment and even if I get sick of it I can alway just replace the throw pillows for a completely new look.


  1. Hello my kindred spirit! I like damask too! We're in the process of buying a home (should be closed by mid-March) so I'll be looking for decorating ideas too. The home was built in 61' so it's very retro!
    Post some pics when you get your bedroom done!!
    CHEERS! Michele