Thursday, January 8, 2009


So in an attempt to save money and stick to a budget I have decided to take inspirations from The Grocery Cart Challenge. I LOVE this blog! Every week she sticks to a $60 budget for groceries and household items. When she returns from the store she takes a picture of the groceries and gives you a list of everything she bought along with the price. This blog has inspired me to be more efficient and make lists and spend less! So this week I will be trying to stick to a $50 budget which will amount to about $200 a month. I hope to come in under budget the second 2 weeks of the month since there is only Jason and I, and we should be stocked from the first 2 weeks of shopping. I probably wouln't be taking pictures of what I buy just yet number 1 because I am lazy and number 2 because when I get home from the store I just want to put the stuff away and move on to something else! But hopefully sometime in the future I can organize myself and work up the motivation to actually take some pictures and tell you exactly what I bought. But in the mean time I will tell you a general idea of what I got, how much I spent, and what meals I plan to make.

So last night we had 2 friend over for dinner. I didnt find out they were coming until I was leaving work to come home! But it was a great time and I ended up making one of my stand by dishes that is fast to make and tastes like you slaved all day in the kitchen and used your expert culinary skills. Meanwhile it takes about a half hour to make and is as simple as throwing stuff in a baking dish! Look for my zucchini lasagna recipe in my next blog!

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