Sunday, September 20, 2009

Starsky and Hutch Minus Starsky

When I moved into my house I had exactly 3 cupboards to store all of my dishes, pots and pans, and food. 3 cupboards. I wanted to cry. Luckily my dad knocked out a wall and made a cupboard for us to store a dishwasher and 4 more shelves. Having the cupboard revolutionized our kitchen! But still I didn't feel like I had enough storage. I had been on the lookout for a buffet or island or some sort of piece that would add storage and drawers and beautify my kitchen. Then I saw this dresser and shelves. It was hideous and screamed 1980's faux wood. Ew. But it was only 50 bucks and had definate potential.
Here is a before picture of the dresser part with Jason anxiously anticipating the paint job it is about to get.
Here is the book case that came with the dresser. (Don't mind my ridiculously messy room behind it. That will be another before and after project coming soon!)
And here is the lovely after.
I'm in love with my hutch! It added SIX drawers, shelves for plates, and storage for my cookbooks and canisters.

We simply primed and painted it with white oil based paint, added a precut piece of beadboard to the back and added new hardware. With hardware, paint, and the piece itself we only spent 75 dollars!
Now I am off to organize my drawers with all the stuff that it strewn about my kitchen!


  1. LOVE-LY!!!
    Great job. I know how hard you worked.
    -Shannon in Austin

  2. WOW! That is great! I like the the look of the stuff displayed to... wish I had room for something like that!!

  3. Very cool! I know about not having enough cabinets. I'm gonna go check out the rest of your blog now!

  4. I love how this turned out! It looks *beautiful* and I wish I had one! I need some place for my cookbooks. They're crammed in the pantry right now. Great job!

  5. Great idea pairing the 2 pieces together!! Looks great

  6. It looks great! It doesn't even look like the same piece.

  7. WOW, looks GREAT!!! What a great idea to put them together and make such a cool furniture piece!