Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wedding Bells, But Not My Own

So my YOUNGER cousin is getting married next month and this weekend is her bridal shower. I'm used to be a big fan of wedding showers. Whats not to love? Getting dressed up, eating cake, and watching somebody open up more household items at one time then they will ever use in their life. That is I used to love wedding showers until I dated a certain guy for 5 years, started living with him, and don't have a ring on MY finger. GASP! A few years ago wedding showers entailed me going and getting the bombardment of "How is college going?" "Getting good grades?" "Having fun?" Etc. Now it is "When are you going to be tying the knot?" or "Maybe you will be next!" and my personal favorite "When is Jason going to make an honest woman of you" Because certainly marriage = honesty. So in order to cope with the barage of questions from nebby old women I have decided that I must look fabulous and chic for the event. That way everybody will be so distracted by my cute outfit that they wouln't be able to form complete sentences or realize that Jason obviously has no intent to propose (at least any time soon).
So the current options for the bridal shower attire are...
This cute dress hails from Newport-News. If only Newport-News had a real life store. But if you can sift through some of the cheesy 80's looking outfits you can find a gold mine of pretty and affordable things on their website. I think this dress would be pretty with some neautral shoes and gold jewelry.
Then there is this little beauty that I've had my eye on for quite some time at Oldnavy. Im afraid it may be a little too casual but could potentially be dressed up with some cute shoes and chunky jewelry.

This dress caught my eye right away. It reminds me of a dress that you would wear to a tea (not that I've ever been to a tea). Its very 1950's! It is from Mod Cloth which I love but have never ordered anything from.

Any idea's, suggestions, warnings? The bridal shower is at a country club and start at around 1. So I don't want to be over dressed, but yet I still want to be appropriatly dressed and not the one everybody says "Oh poor Dawn she is so deperate!"

HELP! I need sound female advice!

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