Sunday, May 10, 2009

Being sick is awesome!

So on Friday I finally broke down and made a visit to the med express. I figured that breathing probably shouldnt be as taxing as it was. So 35 dollars later, they told me I had a respiratory infection and sent me home with some antibiotics. I took the first dose on Friday night and woke up Saturday feel SO much better! Ah the miracles of modern medicine. So Saturday I went to weight watchers and weighted in... Thanks to a liquid diet for the past week I lost 3.4 pounds!

This week I am going to Harrisburg, Pa for work. Woo hoo the big metropolis! But I am looking forward to making the week fly by. After I get back from my trip I only have 1 more week and then Jason will be home! We decided to wait until he gets home to do the garden. I really wanted us to plant it together since its our first time. So far we have decided to plant- Brussel Sprouts, tomatos, green peppers, hot peppers, cabbage, zucchini, and some herbs like basil and chives. I'm really excited to grown our own food and hopefully be able to save money on produce for the rest of the year!

I probably wouln't be posting much this week since I will be away. But I am leaving you with a dose of cuteness!

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